Shopping Cart Conversion Optimisation

Simple conversion techniques to increase ROI


The middle of the website is prime real estate to attract the customer. We want to display multiple pictures of your products. An image slider is a good opportunity to display images of your products, special offers, new product lines, unique selling points like free delivery, next day delivery etc…

We always recommend a lot of content on the homepage, which is great for SEO but we also need to make it as easy as possible for people to get straight into the products.

Ecommerce Conversion Recommendations

ecommerce-conversion-optimisationWhen visitors come to the website we have 10 seconds to attract them to look further into the website. In this time period we need to encourage them to view products at the very least so we can see which products people are interested in.

We recommend replacing the flat images with an image slider. It should be smaller so that you can display products below.

Image sliders allow you to show product categories, special offers and information and use the same amount of space. They also make a website look more interresting and encoruafes visiors to stay on the site and browse the products. Important for conversion! This way, visitors can go straight into shopping mode and into the next stage of the buying process.

Minimise the content above the slide to 2 lines maximum. A brief welcome and sales pitch.

One of the fundamental things for conversion is how easy it is to complete a goal. Your goal is to sell more products and how these products are displayed will influence how likely a customer will purchase something.

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