Different Steps of the conversion funnel

First in Conversion Funnel

Top of funnel is like creating that awareness of the issue, the problem, the challenge, your industry.

Public Relations

  • Getting in news and media and press coverage.
  • Social media engagement, especially social media that is not directly tied to either supporting your product or pushing your product is in that bucket
  • Conferences, events, trade shows, booths
  • Content Marketing
  • Brand Advertising
  • Creating Awareness

That’s a lot like in the SEO world reporting rankings and traffic. They’re very high level metrics. They’re sort of interesting to know. But then you have to have the belief that they connect up, that the rankings and the traffic are going to connect up to conversions, or that getting all those print pieces on the web, getting those links, or whatever is going to convert.

Middle of the funnel is where you’re showing off your solution.

  • Website Content
  • Interesting Articles
  • Informative Videos
  • Eye grabbing offers
  • Solid Product or Services
  • Strong Social Media
  • Positive Reviews / Testimonials

The bottom of the funnel

This is the final step where you’re convincing visitors to¬†convert and then trying to retain people.

This is the point where they bite!

A lot of people don’t go that extra inch, and click to buy your product! Why not? We can help!


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