Conversion Optimisation Techniques

Here are some quick tips for converting more traffic…

Bounce Rate

When a visitor arrives at your website you have about 10 seconds to convince them that they are at the right place. If you do not appeal to them then they will go elsewhere and this counts as a bounce. A bounce is simply somebody arriving and then quickly leaving without engaging in your website.

Your bounce rate is 52.35% which means that half of your visitors leave within 10 seconds of arriving. By implementing the below recommendations we can hopefully lower this.

Phone Number

You have your phone number which is a good way of getting extra conversions. You can make use of the fact that you have a free phone number. “Call free on 13000 722 945”

By actually saying CALL it gives visitors the impulse, and because it is FREE it encourages them to go through with it. It’s especially helpful for people who are on the fence as well as those with questions that you can close on the phone.

Image Slider

The image slider sets the tone for the website, but it takes up really valuable real estate on the website. In order to encourage people to stay on the website, click through to products and purchase more.

We recommend replacing it with a punchy title and below that; scrolling products that people are more likely to click. We need to show visitors the products “above-the-fold” – this is the screen space before you have to scroll down to view the rest of the page. In order to make people engage with your website we need to offer them the products and opportunities above the fold.




We recommend changing the colour or your ADD TO CART buttons. They blend with the website and need to stand out more to encourage conversions. We recommend green or orange as these colours are known as converting colours.



We naturally read from the left to right so our eyes follow this pattern. For this reason we pay more attention to sidebars that are on the right hand side. We recommend switching your sidebar from the left to the right in order to get more people to register for gifts, signup to the newsletter, read your blog and follow you on social media.

All of these will encourage more engagement and potential conversions.


Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is fundamental to a successful online store, and so this needs a lot of attention.

When you click ADD TO CART you are given the option of going to checkout or continuing shopping. If you continue shopping the cart should be viewable in the sidebar so visitors know where their shopping cart is.

At the moment its right at the top right hand corner in an image, or at the very top of the website where people will not see it. Most visitors will abandon the cart if they cannot easily see what is in it.

We recommend displaying the cart in the sidebar so shoppers can see the products they are purchasing and can find it when they wish to checkout.